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Randy Cavender Motorcars  919.322.2878

5000 Old Wake Forest Rd.  Raleigh, NC. 27609

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Used Car Dealer Raleigh NC.

All the websites we build for clients are 100% customized around their business/personality.

This section serves as the page content and will be a message to your potential new customer we find online by positioning the website in search engines, targeting the searches that make you the most money.  Great website are worthless if they dont grow your customer base.

Although this is a sample website, with sample text, it is still custom designed for a specific purpose.

For more information about this website and how we manage it for you, click here.

Additional page text and content, we dont limit the content of your website, we simply moderate your budget to meet your goals.

Depending on your budget and goals, we update with content and photos on a set schedule.

The Inventory pages (e-comm store) is on a separate server that allows login to a web access for updating inventory etc.  This can be done in house by a staff member.

For more information about this website and how we manage it for you, click here.

We have many levels of management available, all based on your goals and budget.  Typically our clients start basic and as the website grows, our responsibilities grow with it.  As your profit grows, so can your budget.